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Welcome to the Just Dance Fanmade 2nd Wiki, the sequel to the original one, which was closed. This wiki is about predictions of what you want to have on the next Just Dance games in the future. Let's start editing right now!

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Just Dance: Mii 2 is a video game and is made by Ubisoft and Nintendo together. It has since became more popular to the first Just Dance: Mii. It is also the very first Nintendo game to be avalible for other consoles not made by Nintendo, such as PS4, and Xbox One.

Just Dance: Thorpe Park is another dancing game in the franchise. It’s the first game to feature a theme park feel to the series. It features songs from the rides at the theme park Thorpe Park. It only released in the UK, like the next game below.

Just Dance: Alton Towers is the sequel to Just Dance: Thorpe Park. Like JD:TP, it has a theme park feel to the game. It features songs from the theme park Alton Towers.

Here is The Milestone School Dance Party!. The newest game in our wiki. You may help out by adding more content. The game is postponed at the moment, but will be released any time soon.

  • The Instruction Booklet cover.
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